The Cook & Converse events bring together those facing significant challenges when it comes to accessing good healthy food, with those in a position to do something about it. Through a cooking demonstration showing people how to make their own breaded chicken, homemade slaw and sweet potato chips, participants will be given suggestions as to […]

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Artist Commission: Bristol-based food project

Productive Margins is seeking an artist or collective/team to work collaboratively on a socially engaged arts project exploring access to food in community settings in Bristol. Applications are invited from from artists and creative practitioners from a range of disciplines including visual arts, performance, installation, and public art. The project will run from May to July 2016 and the […]

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Life Chances: Co-written re-imagined welfare utopias through a fictional novel

Debbie Watson, Simon Poulter, Sophie Mellor and Marilyn Howard reflect on their ‘Life Chances’ : the project co-development of a fictional novel with community participants.  ‘Life Chances’, a phrase first used by Marxist sociologist Max Weber, has been appropriated by recent British governments. Whilst Weber’s definition of Life Chances is directly correlated to socio-economic factors, the current Conservative government’s definition adds a […]

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Light Moves and Graphic Moves at the Global Girls event, 13 May, Manchester, 2016

This event offers critical reflections on gender and girlhood in a global context. It will explore how research on global experiences of girlhood, and the fuzzy distinctions between sex, bodies and gender, can translate into practice.  It brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading researchers, activists and community organizers who share an interest in how […]

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Bristol’s Inspiring Muslim Women

On the 29th October 2015, the research team organised an event at the Watershed Bristol that was attended by a public, community and academic audience. We screened a premier viewing of ‘What do you see?’, a short film that gives insight into Bristol Muslim women’s visions of the public spaces of the future, including City Hall, […]

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Enhancing Muslim Women’s Participation

A team of researchers from the University of Bristol collaborated with a steering group of Muslim women from Bristol to develop an interactive skill development tool that can contribute to enhancing spaces of Muslim women’s participation. A workshop template resulted from this collaboration, and was refined after a series of 8 pilot workshops was held […]

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