Who decides what is in my fridge? Interactive fridge survey results

On Saturday 16th April Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) and their team of Junior Digital Producers (JDPs) worked with Knowle West organisations and local residents to stage a celebration of all things food – from the produce grown in local gardens to meals freshly cooked in homes. For the last six months the JDPs have been investigating what influences people’s food choices, from the location of shops and the price of goods to the amount of time they have available to cook.

At the event on Filwood Broadway they shared what they’ve learned so far, including the results of an interactive survey they conducted using a life-size fridge filled with food and questions.  The research indicates that the location of shops and availability of food are key considerations for many people in Knowle West.  This is in stark contrast to respondents outside of BS4, who identified environmental factors and marketing as key considerations, with more people feeling they didn’t have enough information about how food production affects the environment and that they weren’t happy with the extent to which marketing impacts them.  The scores for each factor were calculated based on how strongly respondents felt about wanting to change in each area.

You can see the results of the Junior Digital Producers’ work at www.kwfood.org and share what you think.

Watch the KWMC Fridge on tour video

Who decides what’s in my fridge? is part of the Productive Margins research programme and The Food Project – a collaboration between KWMC, Single Parent Action Network, Coexist at Hamilton House and the University of Bristol.


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