You are invited to a conversation about art and regulation.

17th May, University of Bristol.  Book Here

The Productive Margins programme (2013-18) is a Connected Communities (AHRC/ESRC) collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff and a number of community organisations in England and Wales. The programme focuses on the ways in which people and communities excluded from participation in the regulatory regimes that impact upon their daily lives have expertise, experience and creativity that can be politically productive. Productive Margins aims to shift debates from the regulation of engagement to regulation for engagement. A significant strand of its activity has been the ways in which arts and humanities research contributes to understandings of regulation and engagement. Within each of the 7 discrete Productive Margins projects, artists from dance, film, performance and the visual arts have worked in critical, communicative, therapeutic, and participatory modes. Key questions about the relationships between art and regulation continue to inspire the project:

  • How is art regulated in and by participatory and/or collaborative research?
  • How does art itself (its aesthetics, institutions, funding, infrastructures) regulate the collaborative research in which it participates?
  • How might art participate in productive critiques of regulatory systems and infrastructures?
  • How might art contribute to developing new regulatory forms that involve people in decision-making?
  • How might artists, community organisations, community participants, university researchers (including arts-based practitioner-researchers), funders, policy makers, curator-producers, and arts organisations work productively and collectively to support diverse and critical arts practice as a form of prefigurative politics?

Please come along as a critical friend to listen to and contribute your own thoughts to speakers’ contributions. The aim of the day is to produce a collaborative piece of writing for publication to inform future university-community-artist collaborations in the context of art’s continued mobilization within social settings and continued demands for it to demonstrate its social and economic value.

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