Outputs: Life Support – choreographing the micro-political with young people in Forsythia Youth


Life Support is a film dedicated to the young people and staff at the Forsythia Youth project, North Merthyr. It  was premiered at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, at the International Women’s Day Festival on 12 March 2017, to an audience of 300.

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Academic keynotes and workshops

Professor Gabrielle Ivinson, Professor Emma Renold, Jên Angharad (2017), Mobilising Run-a-way Methodologies for Life Support

Date and location: 10th July-14th July 2017, Summer Institute in Qualitative Research: Putting Theory to Work, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Professor Gabrielle Ivinson, Professor Emma Renold,  Jên Angharad (2017), Moving with the not-yet: choreographing the political with young people in space, place and time, Generative Feminism(s): working across/ within/ through borders

Date and location: 21st-23rd June 2017, Gender and Education Association Bi-Annual Conference, Middlesex University

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Professor Ivinson was Invited to present evidence at the Welsh Government’s Expert Panel to inform the development of the new Sex and Relationships Education Curriculum in Wales on 24 July 2017.

The presentation title is: Exploring Creative and Cross-Curricular approaches for holistic and inclusive Sexuality and Relationships Education (HISRE) Re-Imagining risk, resilience and the ACES agenda for future SRE with youth-led arts-based pedagogies.

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Youth activism

On hearing the news of possibly and imminent closures Forsythia Youth Facility the young people mounted a twitter campaign, and a change.org petition (which included over 500 statements of support). The film Life Support became part of their protest. The young people took their case to the Welsh Government.

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By offering a pallet of materials and tools such as a piece of silk, a blank sheet, paints, paper, straws, glue, glitter, string, nails, hammer, tweezers, sticky tape, coloured string and pieces of wood, we tried to enable expression in different forms or modalities that go beyond the limitations of the spoken word.

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We set up events sometimes based on what participants ask us to set up, such as the physical activities that this group choose to undertake during a residential adventure weekend.

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