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Academic publications

  • Cohen, S., McDermont, M. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold – new theorisations on regulating for engagement, Paper for the Connected Communities Symposium on Social Justice and Co-produced Research
  • Ersoy, A. Coregulation as a form of new planning policy, Paper for the UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference
  • Ersoy, A. Co-producing Resilience: Beneath the City, Co-exist? Paper for the Policy and Politics Conference.
  • Ersoy, A. (2014) What does regulation mean for Cohesion Policy Paper for the European Union Committee of Regions Conference
  • Facer, K., Larner, W., Leggett, M. (2014) What counts? Valuing co-designed research across different disciplines, Paper for the 6th Living Knowledge Conference, Copenhagen, 9-11 April, 2014
  • Larner, W. Gendering Co-Production Paper for the Social Politics 20th Anniversary Conference: Crossing Borders 2: Revisioning Gender: Complex Inequalities and Global Dimensions
  • McDermont, M. From the edge to centre stage: the role of intermediary community organisations in regulating for engagement, Paper for the Annual meeting of the Canadian and Australia and New Zealand Law and Society Associations
  • Thomas G ‘It’s just a normal place’: how young people imagine, negotiate and resist the stigmatisation of a post-industrial community, Paper for the ESHMS 3rd Special Interest Meeting: Europe in a Global Perspective. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 3 September
  • Thomas G (2015) Sticky reputations: young peoples’ negotiation of stigma and place in a post-industrial community, Paper for American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Chicago Hilton, Illinois, 24 August 2015
  • Thomas G (2015) Having a hard(d) time? Young peoples’ experiences of safety, regulation, and place in a marginalised South Wales community, Paper for Pacific Sociology Association Annual Conference, Hyatt Regency Long Beach, California, 4 April 2015
  • Conference presentation: Researching Co-production, 2014
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  • What does regulation mean for cohesion policy 2014-20? Building partnerships under the new arrangements, European Union Committee of Regions conference, 2014
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  • Matthew Olden (2013) Where the ocean meets the shore along the marginal way .., 2013. Productive Marginals is a series of real and meta computer characters who respond to the Productive Margins archive. Read blog post.
  • Joff Winterhart’s artistic jotting for third Productive Margins Forum, October 2013, Knowle West Media Centre. View full report with jottings (PDF, 2.2MB).
  • Joff Winterhart’s Artistic jotting for Praxis Cafe‘ –Fixing it yourselves, women activists in Knowle West, KWMC, Bristol, 2014
  • Sticker Installation, 2014
  • Postcards: Productive Margins research strands, Connected Communities showcase, 2014
  • Dance walking performance Bodies in Flight, Connected Communities showcase, 2014
  • GIS wayfinding exercise, 2014
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  • Spaces of dissent, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, Thinking Futures Programme 2013, UOB, Mshed. See program.
  • Praxis Cafés:
    • Resistance in the City and the Moving Image, Hamilton House, Bristol, 2014
    • Fixin’ it Ourselves – Women Activists in Knowle West, Bristol, 2014
    • Junction 3 Market,Bristol Food Connections Festival, Easton, Bristol, 2014
    • A Change is Going to Come? Film, Food and Reflection, SPAN, Easton, Bristol, 2014
    • Connecting Histories of Dissent to Present-day Resistance, AHRC Connected Communities Showcase, Bristol, 2014
    • Transforming Spaces: Productive Resistance, AHRC Connected Communities Showcase, 2014
  • The Joined-up University? New Encounters between universities, their partners and publics, IAS seminar series, University of Bristol, 2013
  • Girls Making History Workshops x 11: Introduction-Skills Audit, Blogging and Social Media,- Personas, Relationships and Perception- Audience and 3D Printing-Feminism 101 and Confidence-Dissent, Gender and Branding- Desirable Jewellery-DVA and the Law-Design Fiction Challenge-Healthy Relationship Game Design-Game Post-production, Bristol, 2013
  • Nik Theodore(2015) Subject Spaces: On the Ethics of Coproducing Urban Research IAS Lecture. Listen to audio recording.
    Connected Communities: Cultures of Dissent: A Festival of Productive Margins, 2014. See program.
  • Lost and Found GIS workshop
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