Praxis Cafés

Praxis Cafés draw on the educative thinking of Paulo Freire:

creating space for creative reflection on our actions in the world in order to transform it (Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed 1970)

The Praxis Cafés enabled participants to reflect on some of the challenging questions raised by Productive Margins – both action and theory. The Cafés opened up experimental spaces in informal settings that included film/drama/art and music. They brought together grass-roots groups, academics, artists, community activists, policy makers – in the furthering of social justice.  We ate together and there was always childcare for those who needed it.

praxis-march14Praxis Café: Saturday 29 March 2014, Hamilton House, Bristol

Resistance in the City and the Moving Image

Download March 2014 notes (PDF, 41 kB)

praxis-april14Praxis Café: Monday 28 APRIL 2014, Knowle West Media Centre

Fixin’ It Ourselves – Women Activists in Knowle West

With Artist Jotting by Joff  Winterhart.

praxis-dec14Praxis Café: Thursday 11 December 2014, SPAN

A Change is Going to Come?

Film, Food and Reflection.

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