Bristol’s Inspiring Muslim Women

On the 29th October 2015, the research team organised an event at the Watershed Bristol that was attended by a public, community and academic audience. We screened a premier viewing of ‘What do you see?’, a short film that gives insight into Bristol Muslim women’s visions of the public spaces of the future, including City Hall, a mosque, a market square, the Houses of Parliament and the United Nations.

The feature was also broadcast by ‘Made in Bristol TV’ shortly after, and can be viewed here (click on Current Affairs, then Hot Seat, then EE 88 Part 1).

The short film is based on research findings from the ‘Engaging Muslim Communities’ Project, and was co-produced by creative director Bashart Malik, researchers Therese O’Toole and Aleksandra Lewicki and a group of Muslim women from Bristol, including Nura Aabe, Suad Abdullahi, Adeela ahmed Shafi, Sheila Joy Raymond El, Shabana Kausar, and Tasleem Kaurser. The premier at the Watershed cinema was followed by a panel discussion with the director, the two researchers and the women who feature in the film.

‘Made in Bristol TV’ made highlights from this discussion available here (click on on Current Affairs, then Hot Seat, then EE 88 Part 2).

The brand new exhibition ‘Bristol Big Sisters‘ was launched, which has been put together in collaboration with the national Muslim Women’s Network UK. The display celebrates Muslim women role models from Bristol and invites others to follow their lead. It features over 20 women who have been contributing to public life, including magistrate Masuda Mian, theologian Amra Bone, anti-FGM Activist Fahma Mohamed, biologist Aziza El Harchi, community activist Sheila Joy El Dieb, Inspire’s Co-director Kalsoom Bashir, and performance poet Shagufta K. The exhibition display will go on a tour in Bristol, which will be organised in collaboration with Bristol City Council.

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