Welcome to Productive Margins new website

After a 6 month labour of love we are launching our new more interactive, reflective and user friendly website! Here you will find multidisciplinary projects’ outputs, reflections on co-production and a range of resources.
We wanted a website that, besides communicating research news and outputs, would enable us to share our experience of the dilemmas and achievements of using a co-productive multidisciplinary methodology. We now have a page dedicated entirely to co-production which includes reports of our Forums, which are neither a conventional advisory board, nor a familiar model of ‘partnership’ dominated by powerful actors. Rather they are a site of experimentation aimed at openings knefull-logow ways of knowing. There is also a page dedicated to our data management dilemmas. In our experience current data sharing, open-access and ethical governances do not always work for co-produced research.
On the same page you will find information on our Praxis cafes’, including accounts, pictures and reflections which by combining practice and theory through debate, capture some of our processes of a range of engagement events and festivals participation. We produced artist jottings, postcards emulating projects’ momentum. All of these are free to download and use!
The resource page lists some of the toolkits and guides on co-production and more, which we have found useful, and policy briefs and other information.
In the projects and outputs pages you will find links to multi-method and multi-disciplinary outputs: pictures stories from young people in Wales and The ruler skirt developed by girls in Merthyr, videos of high profile Muslim women reflecting on their experiences of engagement, an interactive fridge used to conduct food surveys in Knowle West; and a fictional novel developed by peer researchers with artists and researchers to co-write welfare utopias. And the list goes on and it will keep on going for some while.
We have interactive buttons for you to tell us what you think by e-mail or send us replies to our blogs. We are also interested in finding out about your blogs on these issues. Follow us on Twitter @ProductiveMgns and on Facebook: Productive Margins.

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