Made in Knowle West

DFoodKWMid you know that Ribena was first made in Bristol not far from Knowle West? Join us for ‘Made in Knowle West’, an afternoon of creating new delicious drinks, celebrating both our local landscape and the creativity of residents.

In the afternoon we will search the local landscape for fruit and herbs to make summer drinks and other seasonal delights. We’ll wander from Knowle West Media Centre to the nearby Springfields allotment, via hedgerows and herb gardens, foraging for fruit and herbs. An artist from Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks will show us how to turn simple, local ingredients into summery spritzers and cordials.

In the evening we’ll invite local residents, business owners and health workers to come and try the new drinks. We’ll also be sharing the findings from Who Decides What’s in my Fridge, a project exploring what the barriers are to affordable, healthy food in Knowle West. Together we’ll discuss the importance of passing on skills from generation to generation and potential solutions when it comes to cooking at home using ingredients you can get locally.

Wednesday 4th May, 3-8pm- Springfields allotments @3pm. KWMC @6pm.

This event is part of Bristol Food Connections and is invitation only. Please email if you’d like to attend as places are limited.


Productive Margins, University of Bristol
8-10 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HH

Tel: +44 (0)117 3940042