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Inspiring Muslim Women

On September 23rd 2014, the University of Bristol hosted the event Inspiring Muslim Women, featuring presentations by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (House of Lords and former government minister), Sughra Ahmed (President of the Islamic Society of Britain) and Fahma Mohamed (FGM activist and trustee of Integrate Bristol) on their experiences of being active in public life. […]

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Productive Marginals

Productive Marginals is a series of real and meta computer characters who respond to the Productive Marigins archive. Content Productive Marginals Key Marginal Sentimental Marginal Mark Marginal Marginal Voices The Marginal Prophet Kurt Twitters Key Marginal Canvaser Marginal Value Muggletonian Marginal Interzone Marignal about the artist Matthew Olden is a computer artist who makes interesting […]

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Light Moves film

Light Moves (The Film) …we move, we dance, we see, we draw, we think, we stand, we roam, we film, we wonder, we capture, we turn, we jump, we click, we feel, we walk, with light moves, across the ground, of the places where we live, where we belong, we move, we dance, we see, […]

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