Bristol Big Sisters on Tour in and around Bristol

Refugee Centre

Bristol Big Sisters was developed within the project ‘Muslim Engagement in Bristol’ and was created in collaboration with the Muslim Women’s Network UK. The display celebrates Muslim women role models from Bristol and invites others to follow their lead. The exhibit features over 20 inspiring Muslim women including the project steering group, as well as magistrate Masuda Mian, theologian Amra Bone, anti-FGM Activist Fahma Mohamed, biologist Aziza El Harchi, community activist Sheila Joy El Dieb and performance poet Shagufta K.

Bristol Big Sisters was first exhibited in the Watershed Bristol on October 29th 2015. Bristol City Council is now organising a tour of the exhibit across Bristol and beyond. It is currently on display in about 100 venues such as libraries, nurseries and health centres.

Bristol City Council now also works with members from the project’s steering group in organising a large conference by and for Muslim women which is to take place in October 2016 in Bristol.

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