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Spaces of Dissent: Coproducing resilient futures

This series of workshops brings together social enterprises, charitable organisations and activist groups within Bristol into spaces of mutual learning in which best practice can be shared and common tensions can be explored. We combine embodied facilitation techniques with digital media, art and experiential learning. 

We recognise that right now there are many new and alternate approaches being practiced in Bristol. It is not our intention to promote one method of working, instead we want to celebrate the diversity of approaches being practiced. The challenge is enabling diversity and difference to flourish without this resulting in us working in isolation. 

It is for this reason we felt there was a need to hold a series of workshops in which we could directly collaborate with one another. While individual groups or organisations may have contrasting styles of practice, we are nonetheless able to acknowledge shared values: 

1) A consistent belief that there must be better ways of doing things than are currently found in the world. 

2) A critique of power and exploitation that subjugates individuals and groups, and also prevents better ways of being from emerging. 

3) A commitment to constructing a more equal future, in which different views, values and beliefs can coexist. 

We therefore come together in these workshops with the intent of learning more about one another’s experiences in the world, so that we are all better placed to continually deliver on these shared values.

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